Be Positive - take it as a rule!

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There is no doubt about it we live in the greatest country in the world. Individuals with no discernible advantage over the masses have created wealth for themselves and their families. Financial security is not the same as additional income, or a little extra money for shopping or money for a vacation if we're lucky. A positive mindset creates financial security or wealth creation finances college funds and second homes.

Most of us have the same choices available. Will we succeed in what we want for our lives or will we fail. Do not be completely surprised by the fact that people who think positive achieve more in life than their half-empty mentality counterparts.

The value of having a positive mindset is apparent when a mere employee transforms into wealthy CEO's and stay at home moms into industry icons, and there are many examples. If you have a positive mindset and you will attract positive thoughts and positive people. Think positive and you will not have negative thoughts or time to dwell on negative circumstances.

Losers are people who have not lived up to there potential as they possess a trait winners do not, negative thinking. How can one succeed if they continuously make negative statements about themselves and their prospects for the future?

People who have a positive mindset achieve positive results in their lives. Negative people say:

o I just don't have time

o I don't have any money to invest

o My family wouldn't like it

o Contact me early next year

o Sounds as if there is a risk involved

o I'll think about it

When a positive thinking person looks for a way, they find a way. There is no reward or riches without an jasminlive investment. A positive person will always find time to improve his or her life.

We each of us has the power to walk a path that would be considered a positive mindset or live in an environment that breeds negativity.

We decide everyday which path to take, the path that will lead me to the things I want and desire or the path that takes me to the pity party. No one has a charmed life where everything goes right, no one lives the perfect life, and we all are faced with challenges and obstacles.

A positive mindset helps us navigate the negative thoughts, circumstances and negative people that cross our paths daily.

We have the power to greet the world with enthusiastic energy or feelings of dread of defeat. A positive mindset helps you to enjoy life and every possibility, negativity affords us an excuse for failure, reasons why we fail to achieve.

Attitude is the difference between operating your life with a positive mindset or living with a passive or even dull demeanor. A person with a positive mindset feels that they have control of their future success. Negative thinking people feel that other people are in control of their future.

Build a positive mindset start today:

o Where ever you are look for positive people to mingle with or befriend

o Everyday look for an interesting idea

o Read motivational material and look for a concept that you feel is positive

o Talk to people about the positive value you learned that day

o Ask every person you have a conversation with a question

o Make a list of goals and objectives

o You are as you think

One of the most effective ways to create a positive mindset is through the practice of positive affirmations. Many books have written about positive affirmations by many successful authors. A tremendous variety of books, audio products and classes that focus on developing a positive mindset are widely available.

Here are some methods that may help you develop a more positive mindset.

o Some experts advise writing or typing out their affirmations up to 25 times per day

o A response column next to each affirmation my help get rid of any lingering negative thoughts

o Write in the first person (I will create wealth)

o I have created wealth

o She has created wealth

Positive affirmations can produce results for an individual or a couple. Some experts suggest stating your positive affirmations in front of a mirror.

Don't let the problems overwhelm you

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Many people who experience struggle and challenges think it's impossible to be positive because life can be tough. However there are ways even during the most difficult of times. Like many things in life, learning how to be positive throughout it all is a skill that needs to be developed. Being positive is simply a way of thinking and a mind-set. Regardless of your current state of mind, you can alter it to one of positivity.

Your mind is incredible powerful and influential. It is our thoughts that determine our quality of life. We get what we expect on, whether we want it or not. So if you expect the worst all of the time, you won't be disappointed. As my father would say, "It works for you by not working," which makes perfect sense when you realize the power your thoughts hold.

When your thinking is positive you can change your life accordingly. The concept of changing your life is as simple as changing your mind. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, like thoughts of lack for appreciation and misery with happiness. While there may be external factors that happen beyond your control, your perception of them will affect how you handle and overcome it.

Follow these tips for how to be & stay positive:

Focus on the big picture - Determine what you want to do with your life. Think about what you want to be and what you want to achieve. Make a plan to accomplish those goals then take action. Regardless of how big or small your next step is, keep moving and focus on your overall goal. When you're focused on something greater, difficulties that come up seem minute in the grand scheme of things.

Realize that you deserve it - Don't limit yourself, in life you can have whatever you'd like. Why can't you have it all? You deserve it. Understand that it is possible, instead of convincing yourself that it's not. Examine your self-talk, what you tell yourself. If you are your own worst enemy use affirmations to alter your subconscious and be more positive.

Shift your perspective - Due to the influence of the society that we live in, our minds become conditioned to focus on the negative and fault find. But we do have a choice when it comes to our viewpoint and place attention on the positive. Avoid comparing yourself to others instead allow them to inspire you. Even someone who embodies a trait you dislike can inspire you to work against it. Stop criticizing others and situations instead look for the good and express gratitude.

Attitude of gratitude - Even when everything seems to be falling apart there is still something to be appreciative of. It's helpful to jot down the things you are grateful for. They can be big or small things, like the traffic light turning green as you pulled up, on your way to work. Relive the pleasure as you review these items. This will help you be positive.

Learn the lesson - There is something to be learned from every situation, especially the disastrous ones. Accept that things happen for a reason, although you may not know why just yet, consider it a learning experience. Look for the silver lining and appreciate your newfound level of knowledge as it will help you from getting caught in the same trap again. Some lessons will come at a higher expense than others however the cost knowing how to approach or prevent it in the future is priceless.

Adjust gradually - Many people mistakenly believe that in order to be positive they need to be bubbly all of the time. Keeping up a cheerful facade isn't being positive at all but merely acting. Put conscious effort into feeling good and being positive, soon you will then with gradual progress it will come naturally. Understand that as it will take some time to implement these tips it will also take time for your life to change. So don't think that it doesn't work because it does happen, just not overnight, there is a lag in the physical aspect.

Get inspired! - Continue to read helpful and inspirational articles and join a positive community. Reading jasmine live articles and watching these kinds of videos will fuel your motivation and help you reach your goals. Consider joining a community of like-minded individuals. By interacting with others on the same journey you'll realize that there are ways to triumph over rough patches and get back to status quo and beyond. Leading Edge Advocate can provide you with the support and informational resources to carry on and regain focus.

Relax & enjoy - Sometimes we just need a break. This doesn't mean we lose focus, just a brief intermission to enjoy life. Relax every once in a while, go have some fun, catch a movie or play some games. Taking things too serious for too long can become tedious and discouraging. Enjoying life revives you and provides a new appreciation and motivation for life.

Now that you know the basics of how to be positive, become that person. Your new, positive life awaits you!

These may help!

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Positive thinking is where it's at, these days! No-one wants to be a 'Negative Nancy', do they, no matter how tempting those negative juices taste to us sometimes.

Fact of the matter is, whatever good or bad things happen in your life - and good and bad things WILL happen in your life, believe me, it's the 'law' - life IS better when you're in a positive frame of mind.

You know this, and so do I. But lest we both forget, on occasion, I've written this article about positivity to help encourage you and me both to be positive. And I've got the finest positive thinking quotes I could find to help me make my points.

And my positive points are...

Positive Thinking Quote #1:

"Just for today, no matter where I am going, or what I am doing, or who I am doing it with, it is my intention to focus on the positive."

-- Lucy MacDonald

Hmm, I like how Lucy M is thinking here. Imagine it's Monday morning, and instead of 'Monday Morning Blues' you decide to follow Lucy's lead and see just how interesting this first day of the week can be.

Or imagine something 'bad' happens to you, as usual, but instead of exploring the reasons why etc., you wonder what good things are going to happen because of it.

Or imagine having an intention to be positive, whatever comes your way. Just how fabulous will those good bits feel, and how much less awful will those bad bits taste.

(I will say this, though, about doom and gloom drama, about the world of 'Negative Nigel' - it can be addictive. So you might want to make sure you haven't got addicted to negativity, which requires quite a bit of honest soul-searching. Just thought I'd mention that...)

Inspirational Positivity Quote #2:

"Aerodynamically, the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway."

-- Mary Kay Ash

The words "I can't" are very powerful words indeed. So powerful that they can shape the world we live in, so much so that we don't even realise the shape can be anything other than it is.

But it can. And is. Just as soon as we say the magic words, "I can".

"I can", "I can"... I can. (I can succeed in my relationships; I can create a popular and helpful self-help site; I can help myself by helping others... I can do all of these things and more, but it all starts with the phrase, "I can".)

And I know you can, too. I know you can say the words, "I can" and start to believe in your own power and your own potential.

Of course being able to do things, doesn't mean things come easy - oh no! Being able to do things, means learning how to do them first and then it means doing them without the need of comparing yourself to others.

"I can" is not about being the greatest bumblebee that ever buzzed around the meadow. Nope. It means creating your own reality, and going on to fly anyway.

Try it out, now, whilst no-one's looking. "I can". It feels good, eh!...

Positive Attitude Quote #3:

"Focus on your potential instead of your limitations."

-- Alan Loy McGinnis

Exactly right, Alan. Being able to fly is so much more important than whether you are the best. As is focussing on what you can do, rather than what (you think) you can't.

And this part of the positivity process will not be easy. For over the years you have subjected yourself to the "you can't" opinions of others, because the "I can't" disease is highly contagious. So not only do people tell themselves "I can't" they tell others this non-truth too - it's so much better when everyone "can't", it seems.

But it's not true: "I can", "you can" and "we can". And it all starts with focussing your attention on your skills and abilities, and how they can develop and grow. Simple as that.


Positive thinking is a natural, feel-good activity. It doesn't come with the 'tasty' fast-food highs of negativity, granted, but regular exercising of your positive attitude WILL lead to you living a happier and more fulfilled life it really will.

And I speak as a reformed negative thinker of the highest order (almost). I know the benefits of positive thinking, and I know the temptations that negativity has to offer too.

Positivity is your natural state of being, your way of letting love shine through - positive thinking feels good, which should be enough of a reason to be positive, don't you think?